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Following are instructions on creating a "slide show" effect with photos or other images, or even pages of text.


First, make up all of the pages that you want to include in the slide show.
I recommend that you name them something simple, for instance, slide1, slide2, etc.

Second, go to page 1. In the (head)(title)---(/title)(/head) tags at the top of the page, AFTER the (/title), and BEFORE the (/head) tags enter the following:

(meta http-equiv="refresh"content=#;url=url of next page") and now, put in the (/head).

When you enter this coding, you will replace the # symbol with the number of seconds that you want to wait until the next page loads.
Make sure that you do NOT put " (quotation mark) after the #, only after the next page url. After # comes ; (semicolon) only.

Experiment with the number of seconds to see what delay you like best.

If all of your pages are going to be alike, except for image and descriptive text, you might want to create the first page (slide1), and then copy it, naming the copy slide2, and so on.
This way the only thing you will have to change on the copies is the url of the next page. This is a good reason to name them something like slide1, slide2, etc., because you'll only have to change the actual numeral in the copy to the NEXT url, and so on with each subsequent copy.

I highly recommend that you begin your slide show with an intro page, explaining to your visitors what they are about to see, and giving them an idea of the amount of time between slides.
I also recommend that the slide show progress to an "end" page, which should have a link back to the page from which they accessed the slide show.

If you have problems or questions, please email me; I'll be glad to assist you personally.

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